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Terminal facts, history and vision



The Midcontinent Terminal (MT) is Canada's most western terminal on Lake Superior representing the furthest point a ship can reach inland Canada. This location makes MT the perfect transportation and logistics hub connecting Central and Western Canada to Eastern North America, Europe, Africa and South America. The terminal is located 70 km (44 miles) north of the US border. It is also in proximity to the Mid Continent Trade Corridor with two major corridor hubs, Winnipeg and Minneapolis, close by.

As a multimodal transportation hub, MT provides users with direct marine, rail and road connections. The terminal has a direct connection with both the Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) networks as well as an expressway connection to the Canadian National Highway System.

MT offers a variety of cost-effective and highly efficient services - from transloading break bulk cargo, liquids and other goods onto rail cars or trucks, to warehousing and vessel services.

With more than 81 hectares (200 acres) of industrial land, MT offers a wide variety of business uses including warehousing spaces, open air storage, industrial or commercial spaces and office spaces.

terminal facts

  • Warehousing and commercial spaces: 9820 square meters (105,700 sf)

  • Terminal area size: 81 hectares (200 acres)

  • Scale capacity: 100 metric tons (220,462 lb)

  • Crane capacity: 150 metric tons (330,693 lb)

  • Dock length: 525 meters (1772 feet)

  • Draft depth: 9 meters (30 feet)

  • Railway connection: CN and CP

  • Highway connection: Harbour Expressway to Trans-Canada Highway

  • Closest land border crossing with US: 70 km south


The Midcontinent Terminal’s mission is to embrace its unique location and connect Central and Western North America to Atlantic shipping routes through cost-effective and highly efficient services that open new opportunities for trade and economic growth

History and Heritage

The Midcontinent Terminal is situated on two historical properties. One property was used by the Canadian National Railway (CN) to transport coal in the 1800s. It then became home to a large milling operation run by Northern Wood Preservers, followed by Northern Sawmills.

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The other property holds an iron ore dock (IOD) built by CN. It was operational from the end of the Second World War to the early 80s when it was abandoned. There are plans in place to bring the IOD back to use with the opening of new iron mines in Northwestern Ontario.

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Terminal Supervisor
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